Friday, April 18, 2008

A Global Workforce

The article ‘ Building a Global workforce’ has been carried in Industry 2.0 magazine. Please follow the link see the clip:

A Global Workforce




Mohinish Sinha said...

insightful article...

Abhay Valsangkar said...

thanks Mohinish...cheers, Abhay

Abhay Valsangkar said...

Thanks a ton were prompt in responding yet again...appreciate it...cheers..abhay

Hi Abhay

Just brilliant. Keep it up

Best regards

Abhay Valsangkar said...

Hi Hemant...thanks for your very relevant comment...i agree, mid-sized copmanies invariably show more balanced approach...Cheers..Abhay
Thanks Abhay for sharing your article. I liked your conclusion of using vision, mission and values together and effectively. I have seen a huge difference in attitude of a small, medium and large-sized companies. Small companies do not want to invest in employees. They hire people who can do their jobs and who are highly motivated. In large companies, there is program for developing employees and they provide lots of trainings. However, there is no motivation and large companies are more like government. Thus, the training expenditure goes waste. I think, medium-sized companies are more balanced. - Hemant

Abhay Valsangkar said...

Hi Shina...thanks for your comments.Your thoughts are very relevant--particularly those around handling and nurturing such young talent with extra care!....Cheers..Abhay
Hi Abhay,

Nice article.
Here are my opinions ...

Now-a-days most of the IT Companies, workforce constitues large percentage of freshers, youngsters (people with less than 5 years experience). You know the exact distribution better though.

It is important to give proper attention to this workforce. Most of the time, companies are busy with senior workforce (with 5+ years experienced) discussing with Vision, Mission etc. With the result, the freshers/youngsters are expected to be "Doers" or "Followers". There is a large discontent among them because of lack of frequent One-on-One discussions to discuss "other issues" with them by their "PL" or "PM". The result is that even though having abundant energies, capabilities their motivation, loyalty takes frequent dips before finally quitting the company. I hope you will agree that the attrition is also the highest among this brand of workforce. With this Company lose their efforts, Dollars (of campus recruitments, induction training etc.) and future leaders.

To conclude, I am of the opinion that while developing the global workforce, organizations need to keep aside some "time" to actively listen to the "Youngsters" (which constitutes larger part in any organization) on a periodic basis to know their aspirations. This will definitely go a long way in building a global workforce.

What say Abhay? ... :))

- Shina