Tuesday, October 23, 2007

HR: Strategic Business Partner


Pls check out the link below. Express Computer has done the story on the evolving role of HR.

HR: strategic business partner
Express Computers - Bombay,IndiaAbhay Valsangkar, Senior Director, HR, Symantec stated, “HR plays a significant role in creating the right opportunity for the appropriate talent. ..."


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Anonymous said...

This article defines the new age role of HR in companies. Abhay,you have made two very important points in the article. The first is your quote that HR is now 'an indispensable part of decision making'. The second -- that HR needs to be 'creators of value ' in order to drive a Company to achieve its vision.

How true!

Let me share my experience as an operating head managing a profit centre not so long back during my 12 years of working with PepsiCo in India and abroad. In PepsiCo, we have experimented with both of the above and I would like to add here that PepsiCos HR in South Asia particularly practices this at the grassroot level.

In each operating Market Unit of PepsiCo, the HR department has a specific Manager whose duty is to align himself to directly participating in building best operating practices. A mid level HR Manager is assigned to help an operating team champion breakthrough ideas ,benchmark operating performance and help in documenting best practices. This HR manager works with the field as a member of task forces which are sales oriented.

I have found this grassroots linkage of HR of great help. It then helps HR get a better business perspective which would enable better assessment and moderation of operating performance ,which in turn will benefit career development and talent management in the organisation.

Ranjit Jatar